Tremors in Belgium

Tremors in Belgium is an information website in English about chronic tremors and movement disorders.

Will try to be a wordwide overview of the informations about those deseases. All associations, foundations,…

are here welcome to present them self.

Whenever it is possible, it will not be the translation of the French or in Dutch sections  (each language has its own sensitivities).


Tremors is not inevitable.

Many of you are or have been in front of people who tremble chronically and you have questions:… (read more click on the title)


Either you shake yourself :

You ask to your self the worst questions and you can not find or few answers, even if you already have a diagnosis.

You wonder how to react, with respect to yourself, your past, your present and your future especially …

Your loved ones, how do they see you now ?


Either it’s a loved one who is in this situation :

You also ask questions but especially about the way you look at him that changes often negatively.

Often the tremor is associated with negative clichés: alcoholism, drugs, serious psychiatric or psychological problems, old age, …

Clichés, clichés, clichés, these problems often have an occasional tremor as a symptom.

But many other possibilities exist that do not come immediately to mind, or are not known. You wonder how to react to situations that often become unlikely.


Either you are a near caregiver,

first-line, they say in the jargon. Like its relatives, you are asking the same questions.

But of your reactions depends the future of your patient.

A fast and effective treatment of his important diagnostic problem or wandering may have major psychological consequences for the patient.

It is therefore important for you to have a simple tool easy to use with clear and precise definitions of these diseases to enlighten your patients better.

Advices from recognized colleagues, contacts with the reference specialists will be available to your questions in the maximum areas affecting patients, …

The medical side will be created, over the medium term, in a specific Website for professionals.


Either you are concerned about social, human and material welfare

of the person that trembles before you.

Whitch are the associations, services or administrations that may help.

You need a maximum of answers in a short time. You do not want the files lying around.

The person suffering from chronic tremor often feels alone, while his case is far from being isolated, let’s help him to become aware and live better his illness.


You ask yourself these questions ?


Enter this site to find the maximum answers, with the cooperation of the best specialists in different areas and associations of patients or relatives.